Chemotherapy - useful links


There is a wealth of information available on the internet about breast cancer but much of it is of variable quality.

The information links below all provide clear and unbiased information.

Treatment specific information

There is a long list of chemotherapy drugs available. You may be offered one of the following treatments:

Breast cancer chemotherapy

Breast cancer targeted (biological) treatments

Lung cancer chemotherapy

Hair loss

One of the most distressing effects of chemotherapy can be hair loss. Useful information about how to cope with hair loss is available on the Macmillan website.

Scalp cooling

Cooling the scalp before, during and for a short while after treatment can help delay or reduce hair loss.
Further information can be found here:


Some patients choose to have a wig made. Various suppliers are available and you should choose to visit one of your choice.

Many patients use and recommend Confidentially Yours

Venous access devices

You may be advised to have a venous access device (a PICC line or portacath) inserted to make it safer and easier to administer your drug treatment. Further information is available at Kent Vascular Access.

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