Your first consultation


A letter of referral from another clinician (your general practitioner or another hospital consultant) is necessary to book a first consultation.

To ensure a detailed medical history can be taken please come prepared to discuss:

  • Your current and recent symptoms
  • Your past medical history
  • Previous or ongoing medical conditions
  • Previous operations
  • Any known drug allergies.

Please bring a list of current medications, or a copy of a repeat prescription, in case you can’t remember which drugs you take.

Your family history of cancer may be important. If any relatives (parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, children, brothers or sisters) have been treated for cancer, please bring details of their treatment and age at diagnosis as this may help decide whether screening for underlying genetic causes is required.

Sometimes, your social circumstances are also relevant to our discussions. Unfortunately, cancer affects the whole family unit and I often have to speak with relatives. It is very helpful to know who’s who.

Many patients find it helpful to bring a list of questions. Further guidance from Breast Cancer Care may help.

Patient Registration Form

To ensure we have all the necessary information about you, please download, print, complete and return the Patient Registration Form before your first appointment to

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