Specialist breast and lung cancer treatment

Modern cancer treatment, delivered with compassion, in state-of-the-art facilities, in Kent.

Nothing prepares you for being told you have cancer. I’ve experienced first-hand in my own family the trauma that a cancer diagnosis, and treatment, causes to patients and the people close to them.

When patients are anxious and vulnerable they need kindness, empathy and somebody to listen and answer their questions, but above all, an experienced oncologist with good clinical judgement able to provide the best treatment.

My goal is to meet these needs and to be approachable and available for advice and support.

I firmly believe in taking a personal interest in every patient. The patient-doctor relationship is crucial in oncology and I pride myself on investing the time to get to know my patients well.

I’ve put together a library of information on this website which I hope will ease the difficult journey through cancer treatment for my patients, their families and friends.

Do let me know if there’s more I can add to make this a useful resource for patients, old and new.

“Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that people get the treatment they need in the way that’s right for them. If you find you have to go down this road there is no better person to help you through.”